Oh Meghan and Nick,

I just can’t seem to let your wedding go. It was truly one of my favorites this year and although you’ve already received your images and I should be filing you off to my archives, I still seem to be perpetually playing with your photos.

Here’s the recent fun I landed in. I just love love love the simple fun of animated GIFs. They remind me of little flip books. I think perhaps I’ll need to post more of these in upcoming wedding blogs.

Please *smile* and enjoy.

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Last night I returned from a weekend in Alaska. I think I must have caught a little something on the plane ride home since now I feel icky and am staying home from work.

So I come down to my computer this morning to see what I’ve missed over the weekend and what do I find? Our little SopeBox Blog has been featured on one of my absolute favorite wedding blogs, Grey Likes Weddings!

It may seem silly, but this is such an honor to me. So many other amazing photographers have been featured on this blog and I am so incredibly delighted to now be included. Thanks to Summer at GLW for wanting to share Evan and Angela with the blogisphere (and for instantly brightening my day)!

Run don’t walk straight over to Summer’s site and subscribe right away!

Till next time!



What do you get when you cross three photographers and a Jujitsu instructor?

Kick-Ass Images.

Get it?

Bad joke aside, yesterday my assistant (and Jujitsu instructor, hence the joke…) Adam and I had the chance to photograph two of my favorite fellow photographers and Art Institute grads, Evan and Angela. We met up with them at their apartment before heading out to the Olympic Sculpture Park (a typical engagement shoot site) with the intent of better-than-typical engagement photos.

Evan and Angela met our first quarter at school and the rest, I believe, is quite obvious… they fell madly in love. Now, these guys aren’t just a couple of awesome photo-fers, they are also two of the most fabulous people you could ever meet. I say this in part because it’s widely known that Evan and I may very well have been separated at birth. He is my life twin. Oddly enough, Angela also shares several of her quirky Midwest qualities with my boyfriend, including the same birthday. So you see, we are actually a pair of twins.

I am also pleased to be the Maid of Honor at their wedding this September.

After a little too much time in the sun, we returned to their place for a few more intimate (and silly) photos. I could not have designed a better place to shoot these pics- I mean, the word LOVE right on their bedroom wall? Seriously, genius. I wish every couple were as open to non-traditional, quirky, art-inspired photos as these two are.

Good bye, Sears & Roebuck! Hello, Vanity Fair!

Finally, the shoot would not have been complete without the inclusion of their beautiful Persian, Pearl.

Thanks you guys for an amazing shoot. Once in a blue moon, all the stars align and the result is something special. This was one of those shoots. I can’t wait for Victoria in September!!!!

A final thanks goes to Adam for all your assistance and for taking the following fabulous shot of the three of us.



  • August 7, 2009 - 4:36 pm

    Brianna - Great shots – so much fun. I love the one of Pearl peeking out 🙂

I first met Kim (and Ella) at the Art Institute of Seattle back in 2007. She was getting her BFA in graphic design and I was in photography shooting a doggy fashion shoot for her and some fellow designers. Ella was one of our models. We’ve both since graduated, but when she and Patrick got engaged I was thrilled to be the one she chose to photograph their wedding!

Their pugs, Ella and Bentley, are very special to them and since their wedding venue doesn’t allow dogs, we made sure to include them in their engagement photos. We met up at the Sodo Starbucks, then quickly made a bee-line for the Marginal Way Skate Park. They have a fantabulous Seahawks logo mural, which was perfect since Pat is a big ‘Hawks fan. Surprisingly enough, there were no skaters that morning. I’m going to go ahead and assume it was because it was Father’s Day and not because SnoCon happened to be having a big sale that day. 🙂 At any rate, while Kim and Patrick were great models, the pugs quickly stole the show!

After the skate park we jetted out to the Washington Park Arboretum for a little greenery and some walkies. Ella and Bentley had quite a time romping through the grass and sniffing everything within leash-distance. Bentley even got to wear a little bling for a few photos.

While I’m sad Ella and Bentley won’t be joining us on October 10th, I’m so happy we were able to get some great photos of them for the reception. They will most definitely be there in spirit.


Oh how time sneaks up on us.

I can’t believe it’s almost August! It should really come as no surprise to me since as I write this Accuweather is notifying me that it’s a balmy 93 degrees outside. Still I find myself stunned by the speed at which time flies.

But I digress.

Adding to the shock of my End-of-July realization is the fact that I am shooting Brandi and Steve’s wedding this coming Saturday and have yet to post their engagement photos! Shame on me!

We met at Alki Beach on the 3rd of July, a morning much cooler than today’s. After traipsing through the sand and under piers, we made our way back to the car and off to the Washington Park Arboretum for a few more photos and a little shade.

Brandi and Steve are fantasic football fans, like myself, and just had to show a little Seahawk Pride before our shoot came to an end.

These two were so much fun to run around Seattle with and I’m looking forward to a similarly fun-filled wedding on Saturday.

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