Jay and Kat are awesome. Already married on paper, they wanted more than anything just to exchange vows and share an amazing party with their friends and family. Since both Jay and Kat are actors, and have lots of actor friends, they also wanted something a little funky and different. The answer? The Skansonia Ferry. Permanently docked on Lake Union, the Skansonia is a fabulously unique venue. Old pipes, antique signage, rustic wood flooring, steering wheels from other boats… it was a detail photographer’s dream.

The ceremony was brief, the food was delicious, and once the dancing started I’m not sure how they ever managed to stop.

I also had a difficult time finally giving their rings back after several fun detail shots around the super cool cabin. I think Nichole even had to remind me that I had probably shot enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

Their families were fun and welcoming, their friends silly and delightful, but my favorite guest of the evening, hands down, was Opus. Opus was their ring bearer. He is also a Boston Terrier and nearly blind. I am sad as I write this knowing that most of you who read this blog will never get to meet Opus and therefore will never know the true hilarity of this dog. However, I have been told I do a fairly accurate impression, and if you ask I may just share it with you.

Opus, this blog is for you my friend.


Crystal and James were married at the Tacoma Museum of Glass at the end of June. Clearly, I’ve been getting a bit behind in my blogging. Nevertheless, theirs was a wedding to remember.

This group was so much fun! They were all full of ideas for silly photos and willing to run all over the place for great shots. From rushing to catch shots by a passing train to a drive in the groom’s BMW- not to mention the Star Trek weapon and baseball bat given as groomsmen gifts (thanks to Adam for that great image!)- this wedding was full of fabulous moments.

If I learned anything from James and Crystal’s wedding, it’s that as a photographer, you cannot go wrong with a couple madly in love.

Of course, a gorgeous venue with sunny skies, rockin’ band, choreographed bridal party dancing, sparkler send-off, and leaving on a beautiful yacht (!!!) definitely add to the awesomeness.

Oh, and a cherry 1976 Corvette never hurts either.

Congrats again, Crystal and James! You two throw one hell of a party!

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    James - Hell yeah we do these are amazing pictures! Thanks for posting them up!ReplyCancel

A couple weeks back I was blessed with what I believe to be a perfect wedding. Keep in mind this may have something to do with the fact that I just LOVE a rustic, outdoorsy, barn wedding! Anyhow, as a photographer this rarely happens. Perfect day, perfect location, perfect couple.

Meghan and Nick were married on the 20th of June in a wonderful outdoor ceremony at Pickering Barn in Issaquah. The rain and clouds threatened all day, but in the end they knew better. Their wedding was chock-full of all the little details that I love so much: red shoes, assorted bouquets from Pike Place, handmade cuff links (made by the bride & groom themselves!), wood-fire pizza made on site, local fruit pies, and to top it all off- homemade apple butter for wedding favors. Fabulous.

Their ceremony was brief and heartfelt. Touching. And when the officiant said to them (and I’m paraphrasing) “When asked what love is- I can’t describe it, but I know it when I see it”, I teared up a bit. I am SO not kidding, it was that sort of day.

It is impossible not to see how much these two truly adore each other.

The reception was just as great. Rustic pizza, beer (which I was sorry not to partake in), lots of singing, toasting, yummy pie, and a fantasic dance-off at the end of the night!

Unfortunately, as all good things do, this party had to come to an end. Last call was announced, the music eventually wound down (after a few Journey songs, and a stellar rendition of Biz Markie’s Just a Friend belted out by the bridal party) and everyone lined up outside and blew bubbles as Meg & Nick raced to their awaiting Bentley.

Those of you who were there know what happened next, but for the sake of my perfect wedding story, I’m going to use a little artistic creativity and just say they were then whisked off into the twilight to the warmth of a cozy downtown hotel.

Sure to live happily ever after…

The End.


Oh wait, they’re already here…

On the last Sunday in May I arrived at Shileshole Bay Beach Club only to be surrounded by several emergency response providers- firemen, policemen, dispatchers, hospital employees and the like.

Was I in terrible trouble?! Was there a horrible accident?!


To the contrary, I was joining them all in celebrating the gorgeous wedding of Matt & Rachel. Matt works for Kirkland Police, Rachel for EMS and Overlake Hospital. As a matter of fact, I’d guess to say that 90% of their attendees were in the business of heroism or married to someone who was. Needless to say, with this group- we had an absolute blast!

After a brief and lovely ceremony at the waterfront, we adjourned indoors for tasty food, toasts, and a TON of dancing. So, without further ado, here are Rachel & Matt!

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Last Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing David and Thuy’s wedding reception at the Sanctuary at Admiral in West Seattle. David met Thuy in Vietnam while there on business. After an uncountable number of phone calls, letters, and visits Thuy finally made her way to the States where they were married in February.

Sunday they had a beautiful reception for friends and family to come and celebrate their union and to snap some photos for Thuy’s family back home. It was a wonderful evening of toasts, fabulous food, laughter, and Thuy chasing her new nephew around the reception hall. It was tough to tell who was enjoying it more. ๐Ÿ™‚

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