Our New 2017 Albums

I’m super excited about my new wedding album options for 2017. These custom designed albums come in sizes 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12. They have several different cover options, including two fabrics and several text and photo options, and can range in thickness from 24 to 50 pages. See some of the many options with descriptions below and let me know if you’d like to set up a studio appointment to see these samples, and all the other fabric options, in person. To read more about all of our album options, and see all the color choices, click HERE.

Below: 10×10 Leather Album in Distressed Onyx behind 8×8 Linen Album in Tundra with square cameo image.
Below: 10×10 Leather Album in Distressed Onyx. Cover text is Blind Imprinting in Garage Gothic font

Below: Bottom image is a 32-page 10×10 Leather album in Distressed Onyx with black page gilding. Gilding helps protect your pages from extensive wear and is another beautiful way to customize your album. It can be done in Silver, Gold or Black. Top album is a 30-page 8×8 Linen in Tundra with cameo image and no page gilding. 

Below: 10×10 Linen Album in Plum. Cover text is Matte Gold imprinting in Dessau Pro.

Below: Front to back: 8×8 Tundra linen album with cover cameo, 10×10 Distressed Onyx Leather album, 12×12 Polar Leather Album

Below: Another way to customize your album is to upgrade to Deep Matte photographic paper. Our standard Lustre photographic paper is on the left with deep matte on the right.  You can see that with the deep matte images appear a bit more muted and soft. Images printed on lustre paper typically are crisper and more vibrant. Both papers are beautiful, it all depends on what style you feel would look compliment your images best.

Below: Left to Right: Blind imprinting in Garage Gothic on Onyx Leather, Matte gold imprinting in Dessau Pro on Plum Linen and Blind imprinting in Dessau Pro on Tundra Linen.  You can see that blind imprinting is going to be a bit more subtle on linen vs leather.

S e a r c h   T h e   B l o g