Hello you.

Hello hello and welcome to the blog!

I’m Amelia, we’re friends now, call me Amy.

I live in beautiful Woodinville wine country with my awesome guy Greg, our big orange dog Rocco, and three kleptomaniac gremlins (aka cats)- Cleo, Clyde, and Fergie.  I was born in Seattle and I love the rain.  I’ve been a barista, receptionist, retail monkey, cake decorator, professional gift wrapper, veterinary assistant and fantasy football commissioner.  In 2007 I graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Seattle and now I have the best job in the world. I’m a photographer, or rather a friendtographer.  Maybe even your friendgrapher!

I try not to take myself too seriously.  I’ve been known to have a sass mouth as well as a fabulously charming sense of humor.  I love football, mismatched coffee cups, cold beer, fancy umbrellas, and shopping for things I don’t need.  I am decidedly impractical and, while I consider myself naturally caffeinated, I also love a good nap in the sun.

Let’s talk football, beer or weddings…  it’s all good.

xoxo, Amy

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