Georgetown Ballroom Wedding

I can’t think of a better venue for Rachel and Emily’s movie-themed wedding than the extremely unique and eclectic Georgetown Ballroom in Seattle. This place oozes charm and fun and was the perfect backdrop for their velociraptor wedding cake, film spool centerpieces, and their walk down the aisle to the Jurassic Park theme. Their day was shared with the most lovely group of family and friends and of course their darling pup, Gadget!  This pup even had a matching pedicure! As you can see, these two are big pet lovers, they even had cat and dog treats included next to their candy bar! Oh, how I love a wedding dog- and this one even had a matching pedicure! We had such an amazing time celebrating with these two, dancing the night away to movie soundtracks and singing along to all the best Disney tunes!! All the love to this fantastic couple! xo, Amy

{Full Vendor List} Venue: Georgetown Ballroom // Coordinator: Susie with Georgetown Ballroom // DJ & MC: Tim Humphrey with Ideal Entertainment // Florist: Georgetown Ballroom // Hair: Gene Juarez // Caterer: Georgetown Ballroom // Cake: Morfey’s Cakes // Custom Washington State wooden Guestbook: Nana’s Little Nest // Emily’s Dress: Blue Sky Bridal // Emily’s belt: Anthropologie // Emily’s Necklace: Openslate Collectibles // Rachel’s vest: Custom by Rachel’s aunt Suanne // Rachel’s suit: Nordstrom // Rings: Hawaii  Titanium Rings // Escort Cards & Table numbers: Bluefin Works // Assistant photographer: Lucas Anderson // Photography: Amelia Soper Photography



Hall at Fauntleroy WeddingOnce again we’re a bit out of order today to share a peek at Kelly and Matt’s darling November wedding at the Hall at Fauntleroy. Kelly and I went to photography school together, what feels like ages ago, and I was incredibly honored that she asked me to document her and Matt’s big day.  These two have been together forever and I was delighted to share in the joy with all of their closest family and friends.  It was a simple and lovely ceremony followed by delicious food, a bit of cake shenanigans, and all the dancing you could want. Big thanks and much love goes out to all of their friends and their families for making this day so incredibly special for this awesomely fun and loving couple.  Matt and Kelly, you two are the best!!  All my love to Doobie!! xx, Amy

{Full Vendor List} Venue: The Hall at Fauntlroy //Wedding Coordinator: Tina Burns (friend) // Florist: Safeway Floral // Hair: Lilly Mackenzie (friend) // Makeup: Nordstrom // Officiant: Mike Eagan (friend) // Catering: Tuxedos & Tennis Shoes // Cake & Cupcakes: Larsons Bakery // Pie: Groom’s mom and aunts // Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal // Bridesmaid dresses: Atom Attire on Etsy // Grooms suit: Men’s Warehouse // Wedding rings: Helzberg Jewelry // Assistant photographer: Bronwen Houck // Photography: Amelia Soper Photography




Sodo Park Wedding

Today we skip ahead, just for a moment, to our final wedding of 2016. Rumi and Charlie were married at Sodo Park in Seattle last month among the most colorfully eclectic and absolutely charming group of their closest friends. Chefs, curlers, derby girls, makeup artists, bakers, seamstresses and stylists were just a few of those in attendance for this magical evening of love, laughter and dancing. So much of the day was designed and created by our talented bride. Rumi not only made their invitations, escort cards, centerpieces and adorable shortbread cookie favors but she was also the artistic genius behind their uniquely custom wedding cake! I’d advise you now to scroll down immediately to see this amazing creation! We had such a blast with Charlie and Rumi and their guests, dancing and singing through the evening and feel so blessed to have been a part of this celebration of love and joy.  xo, Amy

{Full Vendor List} Venue: Sodo Park // DJ: Daniel C. Baller, Forever Yours Music // Flowers: Metropolitan Market // Centerpieces: the Bride // Hair: Tiffany with Ola Salon // Custom hair piece: Linda with Twinkle Toes & Giggles // Makeup: Krystal, friend of the bride // Officiant: Molly McCarthy, friend // Catering: Herban Feast // Cake: Rumi Ohnui (the bride!!) How cool is that??? // Cake topper: the bride with help from her friend, Elaine Kellner // Bride’s Dress: Combination of the bride’s prom dress with a new wedding dress, custom sewn by her friend, Julie Wotzko// Alterations: Susan’s Couture // Groom’s Tux: Wall Street Custom Tailoring // Paperie: the bride // Favors: Handmade custom shortbread cookies by Rumi Ohnui // Rentals: Herban Feast // Assistant Photographer: Bronwen Houck // Photography: Amelia Soper Photography



Erin and Sarah were officially married the year prior at the King County Courthouse so instead of having a more traditional ceremony, they opted to make this a fun celebration of their relationship along with their closest friends and family, many of which were from out of town. Several friends came together to help these two create a totally fun and unique experience for Sarah and Erin.  From flowers and raspberry pies to ceremony poetry and pin wheel favors, everyone pitched to help make this day a perfect one.  Their ceremony was held in a small, secluded garden on the Seattle University campus, just a stone’s throw from the apartment these two share. 🙂 They began their ceremony with beautiful meditative tones from a handheld, silver heart chime and proceed with a lovely ring warming as poetry was read.  My favorite part of the day was just after the ceremony when everyone grabbed a pinwheel and made the walk across campus and busy Madison Avenue to their reception venue at Sole Repair.  This was such fun day and I am so thankful to Erin and Sarah and their family and friends for hosting an absolutely fabulous party of love and togetherness.  I can’t wait to hear all about your honeymoon when you return from New Zealand!!! xx, Amy

{Full Vendor List} Venue: Seattle University & Sole Repair // Flowers: friends Levi Velvick & Leigh Hopkins // Makeup: Sara Galloway (Erin’s cousin) // Hair: Victory Hair Studio // Catering: Feed Co Catering // Desserts: Coconut Cream Pies made by Dahlia Bakery & Raspberry pies handmade by Erin’s mom // Favors: Fresh Cherries by Seattle Tilth // Photography: Amelia Soper Photography

Seattle University Weddingerinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_03erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_04erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_05erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_06erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_07erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_08erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_09erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_10erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_11erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_12erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_13erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_14erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_15erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_16erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_17erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_18erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_19erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_20erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_21erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_22erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_23erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_24erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_25erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_26erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_27erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_28erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_29erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_30Sole Repair Weddingerinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_32erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_33erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_34erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_35erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_36erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_37erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_38erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_39erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_40erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_41erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_42erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_43erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_44erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_45erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_46erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_47erinsarah_seattleu_soperphoto_48



Dabob Bay Wedding

One of the most darling weddings this year was Kara and Jered’s lovely backyard wedding held at a friend’s property overlooking beautiful Dabob Bay.  These two are so sweet together and I love how personalized their day was with photos of the two of them growing up and all of the super cute fish-themed elements included for Jered’s love of fishing and their mutual love of camping and the outdoors; many guests even opted to camp out that evening in their own tents! I am a big fan of hyper-personalized weddings and this was exactly that. Weddings should be a true testament to your unique relationship and the love you share and this day absolutely overflowed with love and joy for this sweet outdoorsy couple. I was honored to share in this most special of day and wish all the love in the world to Kara, Jered and their families!  xx, Amy

{Full Vendor List} Venue: Friend’s property on Dabob Bay // Florist: Megan Mary Olander // Hair & Makeup: Urbanista Weddings // Officiant: Bryan Mondau // Catering: Sunshine’s All Naturals by Sunshine // Cake: Finale-Signature Cakes by Lydia // Paperie: DIY custom // Rentals: Advanced Rentals // Kara’s dress: Monique L’Huillier // Veil: Julie Smereck, Etsy // Jered’s suit: Express // Favors: Fish-shaped sugar cookies, DIY custom // Ring: Chris & Sandy Boothe Titanium Rings Forever // Photographer: Amelia Soper Photography


S e a r c h   T h e   B l o g